Introducing clj-aws-ec2

We use Amazon’s AWS quite heavily at work, and part of my job involves building internal tools that wrap the public AWS API to provide customised internal services.

I am building some of these tools in Clojure, and I needed a way to call the Amazon API. Amazon provide a Java SDK so it’s a fairly simple matter to wrap this in Clojure. In fact James Reeves had already done so for the S3 API. So I took his good work and adapted it to work with the EC2 components of the API:

The library tries to stay true to Amazon’s official Java SDK, but with an idiomatic Clojure flavour. In particular, it accepts and returns pure Clojure data structures (seqs of maps mostly). For example:

user=> (require '[aws.sdk.ec2 :as ec2])
user=> (def cred {:access-key "..." :secret-key "..."})
user=> (ec2/describe-instances cred (ec2/instance-id-filter "i-b3385c89"))

    ({:id "i-b3385c89",
      :state {:name "running",
              :code 272},
      :type "t1.micro",
      :placement {:availability-zone "ap-southeast-2a",
                  :group-name "",
                  :tenancy "default"}, 
      :tags {:node-name "tockle",
             :name "mrowe/tockle",
             :environment "mrowe"},
      :image "ami-df8611e5",
      :launch-time #<Date Tue Nov 13 08:23:09 EST 2012>}),
  :group-names (),
  :groups ({:id "sg-338f1909", :name "quicklaunch-1"})})

This is still a work in progress. So far, you can describe instances and images, and stop and start EBS-backed instances. I plan to work on adding create/terminate instances next.

UPDATE: I just released v0.1.6 which includes run_instance and terminate_instance support.