Not such a happy ending after all

Well, some months have passed since my happy ending. Turns out it wasn’t the end, and it wasn’t so happy.

After a few weeks, my screen started playing up again. It was just an occasional flicker at first, but quickly degenerated into being almost unusable. I took the PowerBook back into the shop for another look, but they weren’t too optimistic. In a nutshell, they tried everything short of replacing parts, and the most likely part that would need to be replaced was the screen–at around AUD1,500, not really worth it.

The screen more or less behaves itself when left on for long periods (the problem seems to be partly heat related), so it was ok during the day at the office. But it is pretty useless for the train or coffee shop. So, I resigned myself to having a portable desktop. I bought a 17" LCD display for home, which along with an external keyboard and Mighty Mouse makes for quite a usable office machine.

Sigh. Maybe next time, I’ll get the extended warranty…