Aqua Emacs Installer

I have been occasionally building Emacs packages for the Mac from CVS. Anyone can do this, of course. Just get the latest source code:

cvs -z3 co emacs

change into the “mac” directory:

cd emacs/mac

and run make-package. You need to pass it some options that it gives to autoconf:

./make-package --self-contained -C,--enable-carbon-app -C,--without-x

This will result in a normal Mac installer package, EmacsInstaller.dmg, in the current directory. You can double-click on it in Finder, or use the magic “open” command from the terminal:

open EmacsInstaller.dmg

and install a lovely aquafied carbon emacs.

I’ve found CVS HEAD for emacs to be pretty stable, but it is under active development, and is not an official release, so could be broken on any given day. On the up side, what will become Emacs v22 has some pretty neat new features.

You can download my package, built from HEAD when I get around to it from time to time, here.