Got some Griffin EarJams

I really should learn to read reviews before I rush out and buy something…

So, I grabbed a set of Griffin EarJams for my iPod yesterday. I was finding the standard iPod ear buds difficult to keep in my ears if I moved my head at all. And the EarJams promised “massive bass” and “improved sound”, along with the “enhanced comfort” of in-ear buds.

Well, they were certainly right about the massive bass, but they neglected to mention the massively attenuated top end. The “jams” are indeed quite comfortable in my ears, but the sound is muddied and flat.

It’s quite disappointing, because I wasn’t unhappy with the sound quality of the ear buds that came with my iPod, I just wanted them to stay in my ears while I walked. But even after playing with the “eq” settings on the iPod to pull the bass back a bit, I just couldn’t listen to music through the things. I suppose they will be ok for podcasts (such as the excellent ABC Radio National ones).

I guess I’ll have to save up for some “real” in-ear headphones.