Adium script to insert NetNewsWire URL

I quite often find myself reading feeds in NetNewsWire and find something I want to share with a “buddy” in an Adium chat. Adium has a neat little “safari” button that inserts a link to the web page you are currently viewing in Safari, but nothing equivalent for NetNewsWire. And to do it manually is a pain, involving multiple mouse movements and clicks (including right clicks, which are cumbersome with the powerbook) and key presses to cut and paste.

AppleScript to the rescue!

The following bit of AppleScript (my first actual functional applescript!) gets the necessary values from NetNewsWire:

using terms from application "NetNewsWire"
	tell application "NetNewsWire"
		set linkHTML to "<HTML><A HREF=\"" & (URL of selectedHeadline) \
			& "\">" & (title of selectedHeadline) & "</A></HTML>"
		return linkHTML
	end tell
end using terms from

This code needs to be wrapped in the appropriate Adium hook:

on substitute()
end substitute

Finally, the whole thing needs to be packaged up in a bundle that can be installed in Adium. The source code is available at my svn repository, and the installable bundle can be downloaded from