Powerbook back in business

So, Friday afternoon I picked up my powerbook, resplendant with its new hard disk. Thanks to Desktop Power for the quick turn around. They had installed panther, so of course the first thing I did was to do a clean install of Tiger.

I briefly considered partitioning the disk to allow me install linux, but I figured… what’s the point? I’m very happy using OS X, and if I need to run linux for some reason, the Ubuntu live cd works a treat.

So a few hours of installing and configuring and restoring later, I was back up and running.

While I had what I thought was a complete backup of my home directory, it turned out there were a few gaps… I had made the backup by dragging /Users/mrowe to an external firewire in Finder. Unfortunately, Finder ignores little things like dot files (.bash_profile, .emacs, .muttrc). :-/

Fortunately, I have the equivalents of all of those files on my linux desktop, so it didn’t take too much work to fine-tune them for my powerbook. But the first thing I did afterwards was whack them all in subversion. :)