I'm all tigered up!

So, I took myself off to the local AppleCentre Friday evening, just after 6pm, like a good fanboy. :) Unfortunately, family and social commitments (what sort of a geek am I?) prevented me from installng it until this morning, but now I’m in dashboard and spotlight bliss.

The Good

Apart from all the eye-candy goodness of dashboard, etc., the number one highlight so far is the built-in ability to map caps-lock to control. Which is just as well, because I pretty much can’t use a computer with out the control key where it’s meant to be, and my previous solution, uControl, doesn’t work with Tiger. Big thanks to Apple for making it standard.

The Bad

Alas, alak! Emacs (the aqua version) doesn’t work! The horror! Even a simple rebuild from source didn’t work either. And google didn’t help… So I’m creating this entry in a substandard editor until I find a solution…