Installed Textile2

I’ve just installed the Textile2 plug-in for Blosxom based on Brad Choate’s Perl implementation of Dean Allen’s Textile text markup language. (See how easy it makes gratuitous linking?)

Textile allows me to put simple markup in my blog files, and get it automagically turned into nice HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

This is a long-ish paragraph containing single line-break characters, so that it looks nice in my editor. Hopefully, Textile will not care about these line breaks and still flow the whole block nicely into HTML. [Time passes…] Unfortunately, Textile did care, and I had to make a small, unapproved patch to the Perl module to make it leave paragraphs alone:

diff -r1.1
<                     $result .= $self->{line_close} ."\n";
>                     # ROWE HACK - we don't want paras split up with 
>                     #             break tags, damn it!
>                     #$result .= $self->{line_close} ."\n";
>                     $result .= "\n";

I don’t know yet (after exhaustively testing the change on, well, just this entry) what else that will impact. But I can’t think of any reason I’d want break tags anywhere else anyway, so it should be fine.