We're putting the band back together!

Well, “band” may be over-selling it a little… Anyhow, Andy B and I had a bit of jam yesterday. Sad, really, how little actual ability I have to play the bass. Maybe I should practice some time. But at least it got me out of the house for a couple of hours, and it’s always good to stretch the brain cells in a different direction to usual.

Speaking of the home front, it has been an action packed couple of weeks, with Kian’s birthday and easter and all. He’s very excited about being four. Temma has also been developing in leaps and bounds, and is now crawling all over the house with great aplomb. She’d really prefer to be walking, I think, but will have to wait until she has a bit more balance.

Jo has uploaded tons of photos to the family website so be sure to check them out. I’ve upgraded the site to Drupal 4.4. This included a small patch to the image module to give me a block that lists image galleries, so the navigation has changed a little.