Saturday - Sunday

Up early this morning. Went down to the shops to get the paper, but The Age was late from the printers :-/ . After breakfast, I went over to Rebel Sport to change my cricket pants. They didn't have any in the size I wanted, but they called up the Greensborough store, and they did. On the way there, I dropped past our new house.

Between all this and messing around in the shopping center, it was time to head home and get ready for cricket. The first day of the match was pretty uneventful, we batted out the day. I went in at number six (was meant to be seven, but the previous guy went missing) and lasted a few overs for 2.

Since it was the first day, we all headed back to the club's rooms for a couple of beers with the guys. Cheap VBs! Went out for dinner with Andrew, Belinda and Lynn to some Malaysian place Andrew had seen. Which turned out not to be licenced (even byo!). The food was ok, but it took forever to come.

Old Man Michael was exhausted by the end of dinner, so I went home to bed.


Quiet day at home. Had the usual for breakfast. Caught up on some email. Went for a drive in the afternoon. Still someone working on the house, so I couldn't snoop around. Watched a couple of Black Adder episodes in the evening (don't tell Gav!).