Weekend of Oct 11-12th


Woke up early. Had a fight with the cat. Went back to sleep. Eventually got up around 8am, went down the street to get bread and the paper. Came back, had breakfast and read the paper. How about Matty Hayden?! Wish I could bat like that...

Took the obligatory trip up to Greensborough to check out proceedings on the house. They've built the fscking walls!! So much for letting me know so I could run cables. :( Called Jo to tell her the (good|bad) news. Spoke to Kian, who told me he's missing me. *choke* He's too cute! I assured him I was missing him very much too (which I am).

Anyway, by time I got back home it was time for cricket. It had been a pretty miserable morning, weather wise, but was clearing into a perfect afternoon for it. I was one of the opening the bowlers, but had a bit of trouble with consistency. Ended up with 0/31 off ten overs, not too bad but not great. We finished our game early with a win, so I was settling in to watch the firsts when Kemp called and said they needed an extra fielder in the 3rds game, so I drove into to the Brunswick St oval to help out.

With my outstanding contribution (well, I stood in the outfield, that's the same thing), the 3rds managed an outright win, to make it four wins for the club! Great opening round. Had a beer with the boys, went home. Aimee SMSed to say she was going to the Harp, but I was too sore and tired so stayed home and went to bed.


Quiet morning, tried to sleep in. Bloody cat. Spoke to mum (it's her birthday), had leisurely breakfast. Decided to go and see Whitehorse's production of 42nd Street. I got there, and discovered that none of the usual lighting crew were doing the show. Oh well, pretty good show anyway, but I'm really not a fan of Jamie's lighting. The sound was surprisingly good. Band and cast good as usual.

Went home feeling all melancholy, wanting to run away to the theatre again. There's a surprise for you! Anyway, I offered to help with the bump out next week, so I'm going back at 7:30am on Sunday. Good grief.