My home network

At home, my main workstation is a 400Mhz AMD K6 running Debian (currently woody, but I can also boot into sid if I’m feeling daring). It also has FreeBSD, OpenBSD and an old unloved version of Debian GNU/Hurd installed.

We’ve also got a server running Debian (woody/stable), an Gateway Pentium Pro 200 MHz, which handles our email, databases and web developement, and other useful services like DNS and DHCP.

There’s also a couple of laptops (untethered courtesy of NetGear 802.11b cordless ethernet cards).

Connecting it all the outside world is a cable modem and a dedictated firewall/NAT gateway (OpenBSD on a Compaq Pentium 100 MHz). My heartless wife will not let me get more computers. :(