My wife's away...

... so here is a sort-of diary of what I've been up to, mostly for her benefit. Like anyone else would find it remotely interesting...


Went straight to work from airport. I was surprised how quick the trip is now, with the "new" (well to me anyway) CityLink freeway taking me all the way to the bottom of Spencer St. Since I am working at that end of Collins St, I was right there. Well, apart from the 10 minutes it took to drive up to the 10th level of the fscking car park.

After work, went to the pub with a few people from work. Only stayed for two pots, since I had to drive home. Once home I had a snack (dry crackers *sniff*) and then sat down in front of Chopper. Actually stayed awake until the end, remarkably. Just.


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